VONMÄHLEN Back Bone Phone Grip - White - مسكة شريطة - مريحة لليد - ماركة فون مالين الالمانية - لجميع انواع الاجهزة

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Whether you're taking pictures, talking on the phone or texting – Backbone gives you a secure and relaxed grip on your smartphone. Designed with high quality aluminium, the handgrip provides a visual highlight on your smartphone.

    • Universally usable for all smartphones
    • Simply peel off and fasten the adhesive tape
    • Can be removed without leaving residues
    • Light as a feather: only 9 g weight
    • Ultra-flat: only 5 mm height
    • Minimalist design, high-quality aluminium
  • SECURE: Let go of your selfie fears, not your mobile. The Backbone is an ultra-flat mobile phone grip that keeps up with your busy life and securely attaches to your phone. Finally, a simple hold for any phone.
  • UNIVERSAL: The Backbone phone strap can be attached to the back of any smartphone or phone case with an ultra-flat adhesive tape that can easily be removed at any time without leaving residue.
  • ULTRA-THIN: Just 5 mm thick and weighing only 5 g, this phone grip is ultra-light and its thin profile fits easily in any pocket. Stay light and never worry about dropping your mobile again!
  • DESIGN: The Backbone is as elegant as it is efficient. Minimalistic with smooth touch silicone and available in a variety of modern colours. The Backbone is mobile phone grip that is both sleek and stylish.
  • VONMÄHLEN: Whatever life you're living, whatever style you're showing, whatever tech you're using. We've got your back!

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