Totu Glory Series USB-C to Double USB-C Audio Converter - موزع تايب سي - الى شحن تايب سي وسماعة تايب سي

TotuSKU: EAUC-15

Size: USB-C
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وصلة موزع تايب سي الى شحن تايب سي وسماعة تايب
  • HD quality faster charging, TypeC digital audio adapter
  • Two sizes: TypeC + 3.5mm: 3.5mm hole headphones, TypeC + TypeC: TypeC Interface headphones
  • support fast charge PD3.0 standard protocol, 20V / 3A (Max) fast charge current is large, the charge does not wait
  • new digital decoder chip sampling rate 24Bit / 96KHz (Max), and the audio synchronization charging support, support and remote control functions headsets
  • support voice chicken + play while charging no Caton
  • four high purity oxygen-free copper wire core, better conductivity
  • selection will not fire V1 rating with PC material, TPE plug lining material, VW-1TPE wires (the outer) ROHS compliant
  • Tough and more durable flexible TPE, anti-pull is not broken, longer life
  • Brand: TOTU
  • Name: Yao Series -TypeC audio adapter
  • Material: ABS shell, TPE plug endometrium, VW-1 TPED wire
  • Style: double TypeC, TypeC + 3.5mm
  • Input: 20V / 3A Max
  • Support: PD fast charge + + + Call data transmission wire
  • Digital audio sampling rate: 24Bit / 96KHz Max
  • Charging Protocol: PD3.0 standard protocol, 20V / 3A Max
  • Color: White
  • Length: 12cm

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