SwitchEasy Odyssey Sports Utility Case - Black - كفر حماية عالية مع خيط علاقة - سويتش ايزي

SwitchEasySKU: GS-103-122-114-11

Size: iPhone 12/12 Pro
سعر الخصم9.950 KD
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  • Long strap for carrying iPhone over your shoulder on the side, or upfront over your neck -- freeing your hands. 
  • The case made of high-grade anodized aluminum alloy, the same material, and quality as Apple MacBook. 
  • Featuring Aero-Tech that maximizes shock-proof protection while keeping it lightweight. 
  • Special hardening treatment for greater scratch resistance and durability.
  • Full-coverage protection, 1.2M drop tested.

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