Nomad Lightning Cable 1.5m - سلك شحن ايفون - كفالة 5 سنين - عالي الجودة - مقاوم للقطع - معتمد من ابل - طول متر ونصف

NomadSKU: NM019B1000

Size: 1.5m
سعر الخصم9.500 KD
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سلك شحن ماركة نوماد الالمانية
معتمد من ابل
مقاوم للقطع - عالي الجودة
كفالة 5 سنين
  • MULTI-TIP CHARGING OPTIONS: Enables you to charge any USB powered devices from iPhone to Android devices.
  • 20AWG FOR SPEED CHARGING: Lets you charge faster for improved and increased accessibility and convenience.
  • TEAR-RESISTANT BALLISTIC NYLON: Made with 1000D nylon. Originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets, this exceptionally heavyweight material is resistant to abrasions.
  • EXTRA THICK WIRE GAUGE AND ROBUST MADE WITH KEVLAR Extra thick wire gauge for optimum strength made with Kevlar core strength for maximum durability.
  • DOUBLE PVC PROTECTED JACKET: 2X durable PVC Jacket that is extremely flexible and tough that prevents the cable from abrasion damage and tearing.

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